Customized Name Tags and Badges

customized name tag

Benefits of Personalized Name Tags

Have you ever met someone, introduced yourself, and immediately forgotten their name? We’ve all done it, but it doesn’t have to be awkward. Avoid asking someone’s name repeatedly at events by designing your own custom WayCool name tag! You may be thinking, “I don’t want a boring name tag with just my name on it.” Who does? With our online designer, you can create an entirely unique, full color name tag with your logo, name, design, and more! In a rush? Don’t worry.

With our next day production and various shipping options, you never have to be pressed on time again. You may be wondering; how do I design my own name tag? We make it easy with a drag and drop designer. If you’re a wicked graphic designer, simply upload your finished design and be done with it! Don’t worry about complicated colors or designs. We digitally print all of our products in full color using the latest in high quality printing technology. Available in 1x3, 1.5x3 and 2x3, we cover all the bases.

Employee Name Tags

Ordering name tags for your employees and not yourself? Use our bulk upload feature to import your design and name list and watch the magic happen! Our automated technology will automatically drop in your name list onto your WayCool name tags, making your life significantly easier.

Make Your Own VIP Pass - Event Badges for Any Reason


Do you own or run a restaurant? Maybe you have guests at your workplace often. Quit using those gross, cheap sticky name tags and get yourself some reusable DIY name tags. Simply write your name on a clean (and sticky free) paper insert, slide it in from the side and voila! You have a reusable name tag that looks and feels way more professional than a sticky piece of paper. Maybe you’re looking for something larger than a name tag for your WayCool event or concert. Check out our event badges for that! Available in 3x4, 3x5, and 4x6, we have a size for every occasion.

Badges, Buttons & Tags

Hosting a conference for your colleagues? Maybe you’re an event planner putting on a 3-day seminar. Or perhaps you’re WayCool, just like your soon to be concert badges. Whatever your title and industry, WayCool event badges are the perfect way to distinguish different people at an event. For concerts, create different designs to show people who have access to different areas. For conferences, throw a colorful bar at the bottom to differentiate people with different titles.

customized name badges

Are name tags and event badges not your style? Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more, FLAIR?! We’ve got you covered, literally. Order custom buttons with the same easy to use designer for any occasion. Also printed digitally in full color using our high-quality press, WayCool buttons are available in 2.25 and 3 inch diameters for maximum

flair factor. Go with a simple white background and your logo or message in the middle, or upload your amazing photograph or sick design as the background for a truly unique button. These little round pieces of awesomeness have a pin back, full color printed material, protected by a layer of clear and shiny mylar to keep your buttons looking stellar.

Start Designing Now or Choose a Template to Get Started

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