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Connect names to faces with custom name badges and tags.

Create employee badges, custom logo name badges, security badges and much more!

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DIY Name Badge

The 1.5x3 DIY Badge is perfect for all you procrastinators out there! Simply order ahead of time, then write or print your name on a piece of paper and slide it in the side!
  • Custom Badges from WayCool!

    Encourage team spirit and unity with custom name badges from WayCoolTags. Feature your company logo and adhere to clothing or other surfaces with magnetic or pin fasteners. Create a professional appearance for your company with branded employee badges in three standard sizes. Don't see what you're looking for? We would love to talk with you and your team to create a custom badge order. 

    Available in 3 WayCool sizes, printed in full color, and with the option of a pin or magnetic fastener, our WayCool Custom Badges will keep your employees looking professional, your events looking organized and your brand front and center with every customer interaction!